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Voice of America, VOA News, visits Velveteria

VOA News visits Velveteria

Velvet fabric is often seen as a sign of luxury. As a canvas for art, however, velvet is considered by many to illustrate poor taste. Velvet art is considered “kitsch”, a gaudy, cheap style of art rarely displayed in art galleries or museums. But this hallmark of…

Velveteria on Voice of America TV in Chinese

VOA, Voice of America, News TV for China visits Velveteria, in Portland, OR and Ryan Legler shows his…

Velveteria on CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist

CBS Sunday Morning’s Bill Geist makes a special visit to Portland, Oregon’s Art Museum of Velvet Paintings, Velveteria.

Velveteria on

Velveteria in Newsweek, photo by Alan Borrud

Kitsch or Art? Museum Fuzzes the Line
Some black velvet paintings are worth upward of $10,000, and some just pull down a few bucks at a garage sale. There are abundant Elvises and poker dogs that reinforce the…