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Portland Monthly’s Strangest Attraction 2008

Portland Monthly Magazine's Best of the City 2008

The Velveteria was crowned the “Strange Attraction” award in Portland Monthly Magazine, by Brian Barker. Check out the…

Join Velveteria on Flickr

Velveteria on Flickr

Velveteria has created a group on for you to share your velvet painting photos. We would love to see what velvets you have found. It’s nice to see all the velveterians out there! Visit the…

National Geographic Traveler’s heart Portland

National Geographic Traveler, All travel, All the time

Susan Seubert, a photographer, listed why she loves Portland, Oregon on National Geographic’s website in their I Heart My City section. Susan declared Velveteria as…

PDX 49 Portland Oddities Week

PDX 49 Portland Oddities Week "Entertainment Zone" with Chloe Houser and Darcy Zettler

Carl Baldwin of Velveteria did a little segment on PDX 49 with Chloe Houser and Darcy Zettler, from the “Entertainment Zone”, called Portland Oddities Week where they filmed inside the old Velveteria. Check out…

Velveteria on Sidetrack radio show

Sidetrack radio show with Jason Croft, WILL AM 580

Saturday, April 05, 2008 – Jason Croft did a radio interview with Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin of Velveteria on Sidetrack, a monthly magazine broadcast on WILL AM 580, a public broadcasting service of the University of Illinois.

Listen to the interview on…