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Black Light Velvet Aztec Gladiator

Black Light Velvet Aztec Gladiator

Velveteria #6 Kitsch Destination

Aefa Mulholland,, America’s premiere gay and lesbian travel magazine,wrote about his favorite offbeat attractions and included us – Thank You!

A drive-thru shaped like an oversize hot dog or a quirky museum dedicated to questionable medical devices (St. Paul, Minn.), neon art (Los Angeles) or lunch boxes (Columbus, Ga.) nearby, they will always top my to-do list.

Sadly, some of my favorite attractions, such as Lexington’s biblically themed mini-golf course (complete with elves and gnomes standing in for apostles), and Portland, Oregon’s 24-hour Church of Elvis, are no more, but there are still plenty of kitsch pit stops to be made. Read on for some of my favorite kitch locations around the country.

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