Penthouse Reviews our Velvet Painting Book!

Book review in Penthouse Magazine June 2008

Book review in Penthouse Magazine June 2008

June, 2008 – In Penthouse Magazine’s Full Frontal Reads section there is a review on, “Black Velvet Masterpieces: Highlights from the Collection of the Velveteria Museum” by Peter Bloch.
Peter writes: If, when you think of black velvet paintings (if you think of them at all), the first words that come to mind are “weird” and “tacky,” you’re not alone. But, as the authors of this unique volume (covered, appropriately, in black velvet) discover, there’s a lot more to the high art of American pop culture – including genuine humor, sometimes surprising beauty, and tongue-in-cheek irony. Baldwin and Anderson’s personal story of traveling down the “Velvet Trail” (the publisher calls them “the world’s leading authorities on this underappreciated art”) is a perfect complement to the almost 300 velveteen masterworks in this little treasure of a book.

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  • 1 Chris K. Says:

    LOVE Your Museum. In my opinion Velvet paintings are Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL WORKS OF ART.
    I have a nude lady, Indianish, kneeling and looking back over her left shoulder. Was wondering if you might know who the Artist of this painting was? Without looking at it you probably won’t know, and I don’t dare load that kind of a picture/ painting on the web. Or load it on to my pc, I have two teen-agers.
    Had two knude ladies, but now just one.
    Would like to hear back from you concerning the painting. If you are not too busy?
    Thank You, Chris

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