Notes from the Velvet Trail…

Larry King interviews Easter BunnyInquiring minds want to know what happened to you guys?

What about the paintings?

Are we going to reopen? When? Where? We are dying from cultural deprivation!

RELAX  everyone.

O.K. we are still here, seeing  old friends and meeting new friends

Carl, Caren & Cheech

Carl, Caren & Cheech

Carl, Susan Bernard from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, & Caren

Carl, Susan Bernard from Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, & Caren

sniffin down the trail for something new to see.

Carl and his ass on the trail

Carl and his ass on the trail

in the land of LEE.
liberaceWe have considered offers from Coast to Coast but have narrowed it down to Southern California.

We are looking for the right spot. Think you’ve got it send inquiries to

We have many new stories for a new book. We thank everyone for their inquiries and stories.

We are here to answer any questions anyone has about their velvet paintings. We love to hear any and all stories you want to share. Our collection grows like weeds. We are always looking for paintings that are new and different.

We continue to discover new artists working on velvet and would love to hear from y’all.

We are taking applications for traveling shows for any museum that wants to put itself on the map. Send inquiries to

Finally, look out for clowns. Unicorn alert!

We are ready for anything!!

Caren and Carl April 2012

Carl in a hole

Carl in a hole

10 April 2012 | Highlights

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  • 1 Mike Borchardt Says:

    I searched a few of the websites of your collection to see if I could spot the Sakalin paintings I sold you a few years ago. They are the paintings I got while in Thailand. One was “Hellbound Train”; others included a nude couple embracing, a papa-san smoking a bong, etc.

    Loved seeing your collection in Portland!


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