Washington Times talks about Velvet Paintings

Velvet Jesus at Velveteria

Velvet Jesus at Velveteria

March 11, 2006 – Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times, wrote an article called “Just what we wanted: Sofa-size velvet Elvis“, here are some excerpts:

And anyone who thought black velvet paintings went out with GMC Gremlins and pet rocks has not heard of the Velveteria, a museum of black velvet paintings in Portland, Oregon. Open just two months, the site has been overwhelmed by an adoring public.

“It just blows the mind,” says Caren Anderson, proprietress and undisputed queen of velvet. “This is a huge cultural phenomenon. Yes, we have banditos, E.T., clowns, ballerinas, naked ladies, jungles, South Seas stuff — a thousand paintings here, all on black velvet. And people can’t get enough of them.”

Most of the work was done, uh, south of the border, to put it delicately. Miss Anderson’s business partner, Carl Baldwin, in fact, came upon an enormous cache of the works while vacationing in Mexico, bought the lot — and voila, a museum was born.

Read the full article, “Just what we wanted: Sofa-size velvet Elvis” at The Washington Times website by Jennifer Harper.

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