Velveteria Takes Over Powell’s Books, May 2008

Powell's Books showcases Velveteria

Powell's Books showcases Velveteria

Velveteria took over Powell’s Books for the month of May 2008. A visual treat sure to please your campy, polyester-wearing soul.

Offered a wondrous eyeful of, well, pretty much what you might expect from a collection of velvet paintings–unicorns, naked ladies, Skinny Elvis, Fat Elvis, sad clowns, sad Jesus–it was all there, waiting to be loved, laughed at, idolized, lusted after.

On Thursday, May 1st, Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin signed copies of their book, “Black Velvet Masterpieces: Highlights from the Collection of the Velveteria Museum“.

Powell's Book celebrates Velveteria's new book

Velveteria Takes Over Powell's Books

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