Frequently Asked Questions

Smoking Lady

Smoking Lady

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Are the paintings for sale?

No, the paintings are from our personal collection. They are not for sale.

2.) How long have you been collecting?

15 years

3.) Where did you get them?

Thrift stores, antique malls, estate sales, private donations, internet, and many many road trips. (All that bad road food almost killed us.)

4.) Do you have favorites?

I think we both really like the Banditos, but then there’s the black light ones, the dog-children and the naked ladies and …

5.) How many paintings are here?

Just over 420 are in the museum but we have 3,000 or so in our collection.

6.) Do you continue to collect new paintings?

We collect an average of 5 new paintings a week, in all subject matters. We never stop collecting.