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Washington Times talks about Velvet Paintings

And anyone who thought black velvet paintings went out with GMC Gremlins and pet rocks has not heard of the Velveteria, a museum of black velvet paintings in Portland, Oregon. Open just two months, the site has been overwhelmed by an adoring public.

“It just blows the mind,” says Caren Anderson, proprietress and undisputed queen of velvet. “This is a huge cultural phenomenon. Yes, we have…

One of the best articles on Velveteria

Above all else, this is a love story, born of a phone call made in the dark, a hint of whiskey and not a little loneliness.
He’ll tell you he’s not really sure why he called, but she’ll tell you she’s pretty sure it was the picture: honey skin and a snug little bathing suit, the only person in their high school class directory who looked like she was still having fun after 25 years.
The truth was…

Velvet Museum in Touch with Kitsch

Velvet paintings sold cheap from vans at roadside stands across the country are now achieving loftier status. There’s a new coffee-table book and a museum — the Velveteria — in Portland, Oregon, featuring the fuzzy velvet art.
Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin serve as curators for the 300 velvet museum pieces, which include paintings of Rambo, Bruce Lee and the rock band KISS as well as luminescent unicorns and fluorescent matadors. Baldwin says contrary to what people might think, in the world of velvet, Elvis is not…

Velveteria Takes Over Powell’s Books, May 2008

Velveteria took over Powell’s Books for the month of May 2008. A visual treat sure to please your campy, polyester-wearing soul.

Offered a wondrous eyeful of…

High weirdness in Portland from USA Today

Ubiquitous bumper stickers proclaim “Keep Portland Weird.” They were meant to support small local businesses to keep Portland from being big-boxed out of its identity.

But they’ve become a focal point for what might be a counterculture elsewhere.

Portland has been called…